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Once again, it is a pleasure to serve you, with both up to date relative information as well as live game birds and products of the highest quality.  We have been at it for 39 years and it's a joy to serve you, our friends and customers.  Please read on!


B & D Game Farm grow and produce quality hatching eggs, chicks, grown birds, and fresh quality meat birds and eating eggs to suit your needs.

The Bobwhite Quail along with Pharoah XLD1 have gained a great deal of popularity and importance to the economy of the U.S.  It is estimated millions of Bobwhite, Pharoah XLD1, Ringneck Pheasant and Chukar Partridge are produced annually across the U.S. and are all used on private and public hunting preserves for wildlife release, and for commercial meat purposes.

 We no longer can ship to the following states, because they require AI testing and we are not.  We are however NPIP Clean and also licensed by the Dept. of Wildlife.  These states are as follows: Washington, Kentucky and Florida.   

Next Year will be our 39th year in business!  Wow.....where did the time go!  We have some changes that you will find when everything gets up and running again.  We will have all that in place by Feb. 1st or before. So keep an eye out for that.  Remember though that we do have the Pharoah and Tibetan quail eggs and flight birds available all year round.

 Any questions not answered for you online please don't hesitate to call us at this number.    CALL: 405-964-5235 CLICK ON SHOP SALES OR PRODUCTS TO GO TO SHOPPING CART DETAILS!


Any responsible breeder should give you more than just a product page where their trying to sell their wears.  Yes, we are in business to make money, who isn't but B & D Game Farm gives a lot more.  We have loaded our website with information you can use.  ​In our information section you can get some great first hand information about feeding, brooding, watering and a whole lot more.  Just click any of the info page links below or just click the first link on feeding and continure on through all our info pages!


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